About Maki Hoshino, LAc

About Maki Hoshino, LAc

My interest in acupuncture arose out of my own struggle to conceive after 8 years. I had been diagnosed as “infertile for no definite reason.” Even after going through several surgery to clear endometriosis. Needless to say I felt I had been labeled as “incomplete”, “useless” and “incapable” which severely impacted my emotional well-being.

I experienced many long, dark years during this period in my life. I tried all the western interventions from artificial insemination, hormone treatment, IVF to bizarre home remedies scouted on the internet (fertile cream??, positioning myself upside down..). I hadn’t realized how much pressure I was putting on myself. It felt as if I was attending a funeral every month when the pregnancy test came back negative.

It was only after I discovered acupuncture and herbs that I was able to conceive my first baby – today I’m a mom to two beautiful girls! The beauty of the Acupuncture treatment is that it brings the whole physical and emotional system into balance, so while working on improving my fertility, the treatments also calmed my anxiety, improved my mood and made me feel more hopeful about my situation. Also, I now am happy to learn the combination of western interventions (such as artificial insemination and IVF) and Oriental Medicine increases chance of conceiving. Today I’m pleased to use my Acupuncture skills to help women in all stages of their lives, from experiencing the joy of motherhood to enhancing their natural beauty from within.

I graduated AIMC, Berkeley in 2013 and have been a licensed acupuncturist since 2014. Completion of Japanese style facial acupuncture and whole body balancing technique at Shikoku Medical College.

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