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Herbal Medicine Treatment in Oakland CA

Chinese herbal medicine is an integral part of the traditional Chinese medical system and has been in use over several thousand years. There are thousands of herbs in the Chinese pharmacopeia, including those made from plants, minerals, and animal products. Most herbal formulas contain between 4-15 single herbs which are combined into complex herbal formulas to help treat virtually any health condition. Many of the herbal combinations used within a formula are combined to strengthen certain beneficial actions or alleviate other adverse actions of the different herbs used. Since whole plants are used instead of extraction of a single active ingredient, the protection of many biologically active components within the plants produce fewer side effects. When combined with acupuncture, Chinese herbs can greatly support the therapeutic effects of treatment. They can be used to treat specific ailments or used more preventatively to improve one’s overall constitution. We have a full herbal pharmacy in our office consisting of powder granules, capsules, and tablets. 

We only use companies who can guarantee the most rigorous testing standards and inspection processes, including those for heavy metals, pesticide, sulfur dioxide, aflatoxins and aristolochic acid. For more information on the quality control measures of the Chinese herbal companies we use, click on the following names: KPC, and Mayway. We also prescribe supplements and vitamins and use a company called Emerson Ecologics where you can order the products yourself. Emerson Quality Program is described below. The EQP is a rigorous quality assurance program designed to provide practitioners with reliable information about the quality standards of participating brands in accessible, informative and succinct summaries. 

We have carefully and comprehensively evaluated our EQP Silver and Gold Partners and attest that their manufacturing processes meet and exceed federal dietary supplement cGMP, including:

  • Product design
  • Manufacturing controls
  • Raw ingredient and finished product testing

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